Who employs me for event contracts?

The agency or company that posts the job offer on HelloStaff.
HelloStaff connects you but does not hire you. When you accept contracts, you have access to the name and contact information of the company that employs you.

How do the invoice work? Who pays me?

As a self-employed worker, student or artist, when you accept an event contract you must generally invoice the company that hires you for the contract offered. This way, it is the company that will be responsible for paying you.
With HelloStaff, your invoices are automatically edited! 🙂
We save you time and you keep the history of your invoices on your account.
HelloStaff is not responsible for the time and paiement method, but we will assist you if needed.

Will my reviews be visible to everyone?

Only by you and the companies that hire you and not the staff community.
A company can evaluate you after a contract. You will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, and you will get a comment (or not).
This rating system has been set up in order to empower the workers and to give you the chance to show your talents and professionalism to all the companies that want to work with you!
Your experience must be valued.

Is there a possibility of going from a gig/temporary worker to a permanent worker?

The advantage of working in the field for different events and therefore different employers is to be in direct contact with these companies.
The people in charge at these events will know your skills and personality, so you will be favourable to be hired if there is an internal job opportunity. It happens regularly!

What is the minimum hourly rate at HelloStaff?

The minimum hourly rate is set by the agencies and companies that post the job opportunities and not by HelloStaff.
However, we urge them to respect the current market.
Be aware that event contracts are varied, you can for example find opportunities at 12$/hour to be a waiter or a bartender, but tips are not included! So don’t hesitate to select a low minimum hourly rate in order to access a maximum of opportunities.

What happens if the company cancels the event?

In case of cancellation of your mandate, do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of the mandate who employs you to find out the reasons and your rights.
HelloStaff requires a minimum of 24 hours for partner companies to announce the cancellation of a mandate. Below these 24 hours, conditions apply (see article 3.6 of the CGU) in order to compensate you.

I applied, does that mean I get the job?

Once you have confirmed your interest and availability for a mandate (apply button in blue and status “pending”), the agency/company is notified that you wish to work.
They will then have access to your profile and if they like it, they will add you to their team for the event. The apply button turns green and your status changes to “confirmed”.
So stay connected to the “Job Offers” section daily on your account.

I don't get a lot of job offers, how come?

HelloStaff is not a marketplace. Our goal is that only the job opportunities that match you are offered to you.
In order to have the best chances on your side, complete your profile as much as possible by selecting other jobs, maybe select a lower hourly rate to sort out afterwards or don’t restrict yourself only to one region: don’t be afraid to try a post for the first time; travel and accommodation are often taken care of; bonuses are sometimes added; etc…

Do you still have questions?

Send us an email, or write to us on Instagram or Facebook.